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Whether you need assistance in installing and configuring software applications or fixing your PC, our support specialists will assist you in resolving many day to day problems.  Below is a list of common issues and problems affecting computers.  Easy Computer Solutions will help you solve them quickly.

Adware Removal / Spyware Removal / Virus Removal
Computer Network / Wireless Network
Computer Backup / Computer Data Recovery
Computer Hardware Upgrade / Computer Hardware Repair / Installation
Computer Software Consulting / Computer Software Installation
Internet Setup / Computer Setup

Easy Computer Solutions provides a host of computer services in the Southern Part of San Diego. Our certified computer technicians specialize in resolving software issues, servicing/replacing hardware and troubleshooting for many well known brands including: IBM, DELL, Sony, Alienware, Compaq, HP, Gateway, eMachine, Acer, PowerSpec. Our goal is total customer satisfaction.

Adware Removal  /  Spyware Removal  /  Virus Removal
Is your computer often unresponsive? Do you see numerous popups while you are browsing? If so, you may be a victim of an AdWare, Spyware or Virus attack. These programs do not simply create the nuisance popups, they can also lead to identity theft. Our technicians will protect you from these hazards by running advanced and thorough AdWare removal, Spyware removal and Virus removal tools.

Computer Terminology Dictionary:

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Computer Network  /  Wireless Network
If you need to connect more than one computer together in order to create a computer network to access internet connection, files, printers or databases, Easy Computer Solutions can help. Our network technicians will run wiring or configure a wireless network for your convenience. Our repair specialists will also install and troubleshoot any type of internet connection, including DSL, CABLE and Dial Up.

Computer Backup  /  Computer Data Recovery
One of the most popular computer services Easy Computer Solutions offers is computer data recovery. Our technicians can retrieve data from your laptop hard drive, PC hard drive or external hard drive. We even recover data from your USB memory stick or your camera memory card. We can help you recover data, whether you delete files by accident or you have hardware issues. In addition, we perform computer backup and give expert advice on how to prevent future data loss.

Computer Hardware Upgrade  / Computer Hardware Repair  / Installation
Easy Computer Solutions certified support specialists can assist you in day to day computer services support like the installation of computers, printers or scanners. We will run diagnostic software to discover any computer hardware issues and repair them to eliminate lockups, crashes and many other problems created by computer hardware malfunction. We will also perform computer hardware upgrade to ensure that your computer meets your personal or business expectations.

Computer Terminology Dictionary:

What is a Computer’s Ram ?
Computer Hard Disk Explained

Computer Software Consulting  / Computer Software Installation
The certified experts at Easy Computer Solutions in computer software consulting to assist you when you need to upgrade your system with additional programs or when your programs are outdated. We can help you speed up your computer’s boot time and optimize its overall performance by removing unwanted startup programs, cleaning computer registry and removing unused temporary files. If necessary, we will install a new operating system onto your computer for maximum performance.

Computer Setup
Are you new to computers? Do you need help getting started Easy Computer Solutions certified technicians will install your computer for you and perform a host of computer services. Our technicians will configure your internet service; install devices such as scanners, printers, cameras, and external Hard Drives; show you how to upload pictures from your camera, how to use the internet, how to burn CDs and DVDs; and much more. Electronic Repair Shop. Macbook Repair. Apple Repair Store.

Internet Setup
Need to set up an internet connection? No problem. Easy Computer Solutions will help you set up your computer to connect through Dial-Up, DSL, CABLE, and wireless connections. We will also troubleshoot and help to resolve connectivity problems with your internet service provider.e your paragraph here.


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San Diego Computer Repair Service

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pc & apple repair

Let's face it. In today’s market, laptop repair and support can be a painstaking process. You can spend hours on the phone trying to get support on your laptop only to have them tell you in the end you will need to ship it off for them to look at it. If you need your laptop fixed, bring your device to our San Diego tech team.

Here at Easy Computer Solutions one of our technicians will go to your location or look at it in our repair shop, run a diagnostic on your laptop, and give you an answer right away. If your situation requires a part replacement or simple software reload, we will apply diagnostic fee to the total service fee. No one wants to deal with having to ship off their laptop with all their important data on it with no ETA on return!!! Let us take the worry out of laptop repair. Apple Repair Store. 

As an authorized laptop repair service center for San Diego, we maintain a staff of A+ certified and manufacturer certified technicians, receive regular service updates from the manufacturers, and receive updated diagnosis procedures and training material for all listed manufacturer laptops / notebooks.

We know that laptop repair problems come in all shapes and sizes. Whatever laptop problem you need fixed, we can help! Check out our repair categories below to find exactly the kind of computer repair service you’re looking for, or fill out a quote form and one of our experienced managers will be happy to help!

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