Sony Playstation 4 Repairs

  • Playstation 4 Blu Ray laser Cleaning - $35
  • Playstation 4 Blu Ray Replacement - ($75 - $120) Labor Included!
  • Playstation 4 Internal Cleaning - $35
  • Playstation 4 Power Supply Repair $69
  • Playstation 4 Power Supply Replacement ($109 - $139) Labor included!
  • Playstation 4 Operating System Reloads or Repairs! $45
  • Playstation 4 Hard Drive Replacements (Prices vary)
  • ++ Much Much More Call for any questions!

PS4 HDMI Port Replacement

At Easy Computer Solutions we specialize in replacing the broken or damaged HDMI jacks. We have got so good at the job that we can sometimes actually REPAIR some of the damaged pins on the HDMI port. For a even lower price! Call us to day for the best price in Chula Vista / San Diego! 

Call : (619) 806 2876

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Playstation 4 Hard Drive Replacements & Upgrades​!

Easy Computer Solutions Specializes in upgrading and replacing Playstation 4 Hard Drives. Everything from defective hard drives to upgrading from a 500GB hard drive to 1 or 2 Byte Hard Drive. In order to have more room to save game data, downloaded games, videos, and pics.

Call Easy Computer Solutions today for the best prices in town on ANY Playstation related repair!

Playstation 4 Power Supply Repair & Replacement

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Playstation 4 consoles have issues with the Power Supplies as well. They have known problems that cause the Playstation 4 to turn on and then turn right off. Sometimes they just do not do anything. But do not worry we can help with that as well! We can sometimes repair the damaged components on the PS4 which reduces the cost by quite a bit. Call us today for a free evaluation with absolute no obligation!