Chula Vista Computer & Apple Repair Services

1120 Third Ave #4 Chula Vista, CA 91911

What Does The Service Include?:
We remove the non-leaded solder spheres, put leaded spheres on the GPU and reattach to the motherboard and put the laptop back together. ECS also will clean the fan and install copper shims on the GPU Video Chip and Arctic MX-2 thermal paste (better than Arctic Silver 5) on the CPU. This will "help" make sure that this problem doesn't come up again. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. we will gladly answer questions before, during and after the sale! Again we try to be very quick to respond to all emails.  We work VERY hard for our customers so please email us before leaving any kind of feedback.
We are open to shipping anywhere. 
We often get asked what brands and all do we service and what's the difference between the different listings that we have? ECS currently works on ALL brands of motherboards and ALL system types. In addition to that I also work on Apple logic boards. We can do any MacBook as well as iMac video related repairs. In addition to that I also rework higher end desktop video cards and motherboard only. Please call Easy Computer Solutions @ (619) 806 2876 

or visit us @ our store located in Chula Vista!

  • D/C Jack Repair 
  • No Video / No Sound 
  • No Power
  • Random power failures

Motherboard repairs / Replacements